Volunteering Opportunities

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Make a difference

You don’t need to donate to contribute to the special work we are doing at CleanCyclers. Whether you're looking to give something back, make new friends or simply have some free time that you'd like to spend on something important, CleanCycler needs volunteers like you.

We are always open to volunteers who are willing to give their time and enthusiasm to help us achieve our mission by helping with fundraising, communications, tree planting, recycling projects, offering skills and valuable knowledge. If you’d like to volunteer for CleanCyclers then we’d love to hear from you.

Volunteer Application

Fill in your details to register as a volunteer – we’ll reach out to you for further reconciliations and share the volunteer starter kit with you.

Suggest your role

We are are always open to suggestions for other ways you can become involved. Volunteering can be very rewarding and as a CleanCyclers volunteer, your role can vary to suit your skills, interest and availability. We will support you by giving you all the information you need to feel confident in the role, be it representing CleanCyclers in your local community, fundraising or other work on behalf of CleanCyclers.

If you’d like to shoot us an email regarding volunteering, please contact us.