Restoring our Environment

We are a group of passionate environmentalists with an undying desire to restore and conserve our environment.

Recycle your waste.

Whatever your occasion, be a part of growing the Nigerian environment into a place people can nurture and thrive.

Make your mark. Plant a tree.

Through our variety of recycling platforms, we’ll help you find a solution for almost all of your waste.

Restoring our Environment

CleanCyclers Africa is a volunteer driven social enterprise that advocates and take action to ensure a waste-free environment, clean climate, aforestation and the practice of recycling; as the most sustainable means of waste management with the sole aim of raising a global community of leaders with genuine interest in protecting the environment.

Restoring our Environments

Tree Planting



by championing the vision for the Trees and making it relevant.


by facilitating partners to grow their activities.


by using innovation and best practice to lead change.


by stimulating new ideas or developing community viability.

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